Teutonia Avenue

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The Teutonia Avenue reconstruction project required improvements to address the deteriorated pavement and alleviate the heavy traffic operations across this all-important arterial roadway. The dense urban environment presented a challenge to designers as the City of Milwaukee wanted the improvements to fit within the existing right-of-way.


To match the commercial buildings located at the back of sidewalk and develop ADA-compliant curb ramps, Kapur used an outside to inside design approach where elevation differences were addressed by altering the roadway profile and cross slopes. In addition, traffic control measures included pedestrian detours and sidewalk sequencing plans to ensure access for all users during construction.

Our services included alternative analysis, environmental documentation, and preliminary and final design for the reconstruction of a two-lane urban facility, including bicycle and pedestrian accommodations, bump outs, bike boxes, ADA compliant curb ramps with detectable warning fields, and Bublr bike locations. The project scope featured public involvement, agency coordination, and utility coordination.

Services Provided

  • Field survey
  • Public involvement
  • Agency coordination
  • Utility coordination
  • Roadway geometric analysis
  • Preliminary & final design
  • Hazardous waste investigation
  • Environmental Document
  • Drainage analysis
  • Stormwater management
  • Storm sewer design
  • Erosion control
  • Design study report
  • Pavement design report
  • Traffic control & detour plans
  • PS&E documents

Industries Covered

  • Survey
  • Environmental
  • Transportation


The full 2-mile stretch was opened to traffic in 2020.