Jones Island Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Crane Rehabilitation

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At Jones Island WWTP, where the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District’s deep tunnel ends, a stationary crane removes accumulated debris from the 300-feet-deep tunnel. In addition, two 200-horsepower tunnel exhaust fans circulate the air.

Hydrogen sulfide rising from the tunnel, as well as dust from the nearby salt piles, creates a harsh environment that causes equipment to experience early fatigue.

After 20 years in this volatile condition, the crane and fans were badly in need of retrofit and/or replacement.


Kapur inspected the crane, fans, and electrical and control systems. The salt dust and hydrogen sulfide had corroded metals and deteriorated electrical wiring, connections, and conduits.

Kapur recommended replacing the motors, motor starting equipment, electrical wiring, and conduit. We developed detailed plans and specifications for the construction of the recommended upgrades, assisted with the bid, and performed oversight during the installation of the new equipment.

Services Provided

  • Electrical inspection
  • Electrical engineering
  • Construction inspection

Industries Covered

  • Electrical
  • Water Services


The new modern control system improves the overall control of the crane, and the new fans have restored flow and pressure to the tunnel.