I-41/43 Interchange

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This $141 million reconstruction project replaced the I-41/43 interchange including mainline I-41 between Memorial Drive and Lineville Road in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The project included three steel tub girder flyover bridges, one steel plate girder bridge, nine concrete girder bridges, 11 wire-faced MSE walls with concrete tip-up panels, 20 sign structures, multiple temporary retaining walls, and extensive temporary widening to maintain traffic through the interchange. Challenges associated with this project included unique subsurface constraints, and bridge construction using owner-supplied steel tub and plate.


The geotechnical issues ranged from near-surface water tables to significantly large and steep embankments. These challenges required the use of various geotechnical monitoring devices, strip drains, and staged embankment construction. The owner-supplied steel tub and plate necessitated the coordination of more than 400 deliveries of girders, bearings, diaphragms, and connection bolts/plates.

Services Provided

  • Construction management
  • Construction inspection
  • Materials testing
  • Erosion control compliance
  • Traffic control compliance
  • Utility coordination
  • Record keeping

Industries Covered

  • Construction Management


As part of a joint venture, Kapur assisted in the overall administration of the contract along with inspection, material testing, erosion control compliance, traffic control compliance, utility coordination, project record keeping, and inter-agency coordination. Our staff helped oversee the construction of more than 1.2 million cubic yards of embankment construction, 170,000 linear feet of piling, 80 substructure units, and 660,000-square-feet of bridge deck construction including polymer overlays.