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Prior to serving as the Engineer of Record for the City of Lake Geneva, we conducted a thorough analysis of the city’s existing GIS structure and workflows. The City of Lake Geneva Utilities Commission requested a way to record and revise the location and other relevant information pertaining to Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) water monitoring sites.


First, we created a template for the monitoring sites and developed workflows for Lake Geneva staff to add, update, move, and delete their own WDNR water monitoring sites layer, complete with the custom symbology for distinct types of monitoring sites. This provided the city with the desired flexibility and interoperability for controlling data and propagating the GIS across the water monitoring layer.

Services Provided

  • GIS
  • Survey

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  • GIS
  • Survey
  • Municipal


We also worked with the city to develop layers for pavement ratings for streets, parking lots, and alleys. This layer functions as a quick visual resource of city roadways and paved areas in most need of repair which provides a new tool for long-term capital improvement planning.